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Milestones of the Department
1968 Mechanical Engineering Factory Building
  • 1967 |  The department was initially called the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Taiwan Provincial Ilan School of Agriculture and Forestry, which was established to train young people in the Lanyang area to understand the operation, inspection, manufacturing, and basic design of machinery.







1977 Mechanical Engineering Division Office


  • 1988 | In order to meet the manpower needs of national economic development, improve the standard of mechanical engineering technology as well as cultivate professionals with practical and theoretical skills, the undergraduate program was approved to be transformed into the Department of Mechanical Engineering of National Ilan Junior College of Agriculture and Technology.
  • 1994 | In line with advancements in industrial automation and the integration of electrical and mechanical technology, the Department was approved to set up a second night school for the working youth to continue their studies.
  • 1998 | The University was reorganized as the National Ilan Institute of Technology (NIT), and the Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1999. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was approved to offer two-year mechanical engineering programs with a five-year junior college and a two-year evening program starting from the 1999 academic year.


1977 Mechanical Engineering Internship Factory




  • 2003 | The school was renamed National Ilan University, the department was renamed the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and two classes of four-year bachelor’s degree programs were offered.
  • 2006 | The department was renamed the Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering and was accredited by the Institute of Engineering Education, Taiwan, in the same year.
  • 2007 | The department first started offering Master’s programs in the 2007 academic year.
  • 2010 | The department, in line with the College of Engineering's Green Technology Program, started offering in-service Master's degree programs in 2010.





Undergraduate vocational training courses in the 1960s