Title: Structural Materials Development for Airframes

  • 2018-01-03
  • 伍 姜燕


Title: Structural Materials Development for Airframes


  1. History of structural materials and early use in Aerospace
  2. Structural materials properties and selection
  3. Impact of material development on airframes
Traditional Materials Development
  1. Time, cost, and requirements of materials development
  2. Integration with airplane development
  3. Barriers to new technology implementation
A computational approach
  1. How integrated computational materials engineering can benefit Boeing
  2. Examples of computational materials engineering
  3. A vision for digital definition of materials
New Technologies
  1. Solid state joining
  2. Additive manufacturing
  3. Data analytics
  4. Advanced composites
Speaker: Dr. Ryan Glamm
Introduction of Dr. Ryan Glamm
Dr. Ryan Glamm is a Materials Engineer for Boeing Research and Technology focused on developing novel alloys and processes for structural airframe applications.  He earned his BS degree from Ohio State University and PhD from Northwestern University, both in Materials Science and Engineering.  
At Boeing, Ryan focused on the utilization of computational material methods to accelerate technology implementation and in solving in-production engineering challenges. He has lead development activities for new alloys for Boeing 777X, along with assignments supporting KC-46 tanker certification, propulsion, and the implementation of fastening assembly automation.  Ryan has delivered seven invited conference talks, four external and more than 20 internal publications, and has two patents on novel aluminum and titanium alloys currently under review.